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Achieve Your Goals Faster with Private VIP 1-1 Coaching 

1 Day / (6 hours) 

 You're at a crossroads in your life. The decision you make right now will determine where you end up in the future. Will you choose to continue on the same path, or will you take a different route that leads to success and fulfillment? The choice is yours to make.

 Whether it's through Zoom calls or an immersive in-person experience, we are committed to helping you unlock your full potential. Prices vary based on the level of coaching, with the top-tier 1-1 in-person coaching starting at $2500. No, it’s not cheap. But you’re ready to make progress, and it’s time to commit to your success.

Some of the topics we can work together on are:

  • Social media- from starting a new account, to your bio, how to make Reels and posts that drive business your way, branding, and more.

  • Website evaluation- as a Certified Copywriter, I can help you write the words that sell, evaluate your current website, & offer suggestions to make it fill your scheduling book.

  • Membership- (available for Massage Memberships Made Easy students). Push past any area where you feel stuck to implement your membership, with clarity, sooner

  • Creating and enforcing policies, establishing boundaries.  We can start from scratch or modify what you have to bring you peace of mind in your practice.

  • Client communication- from rescheduling to weekly emails, offering promotions, and more. I can help you even if you’ve never emailed your clients anything other than appointment reminders.

  • Body mechanics- whether you’re doing hands-on or barefoot massage, I can evaluate the way your body moves while working to eliminate stressors that cause pain and repetitive injuries.

  • Mindset- what mental roadblocks are holding you back? Let’s explore your money mindset, past history and push towards more future success.

  • Make the Right Choice for Your Future

    Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in yourself and take your business to new heights. Enroll today and start experiencing the transformational benefits of private 1-1 coaching. 

    Just click below to book your Discovery Call for Private 1-1 Coaching. Once we start our sessions, you'll have the opportunity to make significant progress towards completing your massage membership or improving your skills. 

    P.S. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to receive private 1-1 coaching tailored specifically to your needs. With prices starting at $2500, this is an investment in your future that will pay off tenfold. Take action now and secure your spot before it's too late! 

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    Feel like you're this close to something big but you're hung up on something? Let's get you unstuck with 1-1 coaching, covering topics like: social media, mindset, creating policies & enforcing boundaries, website eval and more.

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    How it works

    The process is simple so you don't have to worry about anything


    We start with warm and friendly conversation understanding your needs and goals.

    Custom Plan

    We develop a detailed action plan on how to improve your financial situation starting today.


    Our developed plan needs to be implemeneted as soon as possible to see the results.

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    Hear from our clients

    Mary-Claire was an incredible instructor. Mary-Claire was able to adjust and use my limitations to make them strengths. When I left the training, I felt empowered.

    Dave Janning


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