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⭐️ Every massage therapist & bodyworker can achieve steady monthly income by using the principles in Massage Memberships Made Easy because you'll ignite a powerful chain reaction of client loyalty and consistent bookings!

Attention, self-employed massage therapists & bodyworkers!

Stop killing yourself to make money.

Unlock the secrets to growing your massage client base without sacrificing your sanity.

You've probably suspected,
like most independent massage therapists,

that there MUST be a better way to make a living,

to stop hustling and taking clients 24/7.

Seriously, working on clients 6-7 days a week is not going to give you the life you want. 

It’s simply not sustainable.

Have you felt:

Stress? Mmmhmm. 

Uncertainty? You bet. 

Financial stability? No?

It IS possible. Pinky promise.

That's the best way to be.

If you WANT to
✔️see your good clients more

stop stressing about the almighty dollar, and

✔️live your life freer from financial ups and downs

then keep reading.

Create a reliable revenue stream

Are you a massage therapist who is awesome at your craft but can't understand business to save your life?

Do you want to make more money as a bodyworker but don’t know how?

I'm here to tell you that it's not only possible but EASY when you understand what to do.

Unlock the secrets to creating a massage membership that moves your business into autopilot.

You can:

  • Learn how to turn inconsistent clients into loyal members

  • Understand the factors you must take into account that will bring in recurring income month after month.

  • Discover how to create an irresistible offer that will have people signing up for your massage therapy membership, bringing in more recurring income than ever before!

  • Obtain the secret to offering discounts, add-ons, or incentives that will keep your members coming back for more

  • Uncover mistakes you need to avoid when creating a massage membership program, or risk banging your head against a wall in frustration. .

Your massage school failed you.

At best, they probably didn’t tell you everything you need to know.

Your school taught you what you needed to know in order to pass your exams, but they probably failed you at business.

Massage instructors usually don’t know jack about business. You probably learned some outdated information.

    How do I know?

    My school did a great job at teaching us the basics of business.

    But they also taught us to put tri-fold brochures on cars in parking lots of the local grocery!  

    Can you even imagine? Just...yuck. To say I’ve been frustrated too is an understatemen.t

    Does this sound familiar?

    Clients love you but don't rebook as often as you'd like. 

    You forget (or are scared) to ask them when they'd like to come back next. 

    Your bookings diminish, you freak out that you’re going to have to get a “real” job. Someone has to talk you off a ledge.There’s a better way, a ridiculously easy one, too.

    The overnight success that took 15 years

    I'd been studying for over a year how to create an online membership for members of the CE company I co-owned.

    It’s kind of embarrassing, but it took me a VERY long time to have a lightbulb moment-the kind that smacks you upside the head and wonder why on Earth you didn't think of this before.

    Then...WHAP! One day I realized I could take the principles I'd discovered and apply them in a different way to create a new model for my massage business.

You can be steadily booked with a massage membership.

With a massage membership, clients who who you may see very irregularly come back every month. 

Problem solved.

They feel better, it's easier for you to work out those tissue issues, and you know you have a certain amount of money coming in each month (in addition to your "regular" clients).

Start Learning

The shocking surprise

Honestly, I wasn’t sure a membership would work for me.

I’d been doing massage for almost 20 years but didn’t know if a solo practitioner could create a successful massage subscription plan.

When I implemented this, here are the crazy results:

Almost everyone upgraded to a 90 minute session.

For the first 11 months of my membership, ALL clients stayed in the membership.

In the online membership world, this is known as 100% retention rate.

And it's practically unheard of.

Did I do anything special?

The obvious, of course, was that I provided excellent massage to them each time they came in.

The massage table is warm and comfy.

Music is to their liking. I'm prompt and send them reminders.

They can have recurring appointments: Same Day, Same Time, Same Bat Channel.You're probably already doing much of this.

But I didn't do anything new or fancy. No extra luxuries that they hadn't come to know already.

And you can do this too!

What's involved?
Where the heck do you start?
What do I need to think of?

Are memberships better than packages?

What's the difference?

As I worked with a few other massage therapists, I realized I could develop a program for those of us who are freaking awesome massage therapists, but not-so-good "mathy" people.

What will YOUR SUCCES$ look like?

It might be something like this.*

(Skip to the next section if you’re overwhelmed by numbers)

In January of 2019, 16 people joined my membership at $75/month.They all stayed for 11 months.

That's $1200/month for 11 months = $13,200.

One month of 15 people at $75/month = $1125.
$13,200+ 1,125 ↯
$14,325 ADDITIONAL income the 1st year.

Add all the upgrades to a 90 minute + tips?

Well over $20,000 ADDITIONAL INCOME from previously random clients!

*Remember, I'm a massage therapist, not an accountant. Results may not be typical.

"I loved Mary-Claire’s training on massage memberships. I am more steadily booked now. Mary-Claire has thought of everything! I’ve successfully used her massage membership program in my business with great success. The done-for-you emails are so helpful. I would recommend this program to anyone."

Rachel O'Connor, Massage Livingston

Rachel O'Connor

Massage Livingston

How you can do this too

With Massage Memberships Made Easy, you’ll learn to implement everything you need to know to build your own membership.

Recurring income

Create and maximize recurring income from the clients who already love your skills!

Short & sweet

Most lessons are under 10 minutes, so
you can watch them in between clients!

Created for YOU

Easy to implement massage membership,
built how YOU want it.


Easy to follow how-to's for even the most
untechy bodyworkers.

And top notch support when you
DO need help.

Membership your clients want

Craft compelling membership offers to maximize your services for maximum profit.

Life made easier

Pre-written content to send your clients the perfect messages. 

And we've even got a member tracking system!

All this and more for just $447!

Get Started

Cha ching, cha ching.

Can it work for you too?

Wonder if the cost is worth it?

If you only have 2 new monthly at $80/month for a year, that's $1960 in additional income.

It's kind of a no-brainer, but if you're wondering...

I'm Mary-Claire Fredette.

Over a quarter century (!) in the massage field has taught me many lessons. You win or learn, right?

Mary-Claire Fredette, Massage business coach

I’ve experienced the feast & famine of what can be a fickle massage business.

Some weeks your business rocks, and others, it’s crickets. It makes it hard to pay the bills.

But then I discovered something that would change that trajectory…

a VERY specific type of business model that keeps my clientele base steadier than it ever has been.

A Massage Membership.

Massage therapists are creative. Are you tech challenged?

 I’ve made this course easy to implement with a step-by-step process.

You can’t stay in business if you don’t make enough money. 

Your clients love you and want you to keep working, right? We need good massage therapists who share their talents with the world.

You deserve to enjoy life without the daily hassle of marketing. Let me show you how!


  • You're an action taker.

  • You are willing to learn even when it's outside your comfort zone (that's where the magic happens!)

  • You can't wait to offer a new way for your clients to visit more regularly.

  • You are always willing to learn to serve your clients better.

Who is this training NOT for?

  • You don't believe 100% that you CAN succeed in your massage career.

  • You can't be bothered to learn new business skills if ce's aren't needed.

  • You're not ready to spend a little $ to invest in your business.

  • You're a therapist who would rather use "Hope Marketing" (hoping that the right people will show up).

Create consistent cash flow 

Massage Memberships Made Easy will be available soon! Make sure you're on our list so we can let you know ASAP when you can start earning reliable income.

Only being sold during open cart

This course will only be offered a few times a year.

Why’s that?

So we can focus on serving our Members, making sure that you get the content you need to help you love your practice more and lead foot first with more confidence.

    What you'll learn






    What you get






terms & conditions of course: 

massage memberships made easy 

Just in case some weird gravitational pull or aliens suck out your common sense, please play nice. This means that you’ll keep your credentials private and won’t share the information contained in this course. This includes email scripts, downloads, launch plans, videos, bonuses and everything else contained within this course. You will have forever access to this version of the course as long as you stay cool.


How do I get my content?

You will have full access to the course within a few minutes. If you don’t see an email within about 10 minutes, please check your junk/spam/promotions folder. Last resort: email tech support! [email protected]

You will have access to the entire course-6 modules, all the lessons, downloads (and more) right away.

What happens if I can’t get started right away?

No worries! You have full access to this version of the course for as long as the internet lives. Watch the videos and do the work on your own time frame.

Can I get extra help?

Right now, we’ll be providing support via both email and video response.

Mary-Claire will answer questions submitted each week for 6 weeks in a video that everyone who has purchased the course can see.

How long should I spend learning each week?

Absorbing the content itself won’t take long. Most of the video lessons are conveniently short, so you can watch them during clients or on your lunch break! Where you’ll want to plan time is in creating your policies, the tech (don’t worry-we’ll show you how!), reviewing/modifying emails, etc.

You can go through the content all in one day if you want or take as much time as you need!

I am a tech disaster. What do I need to be able to do?

We get it! Mary-Claire’s not so hot with it either. 😉 Here’s the good thing about our Massage Memberships Made Easy course…you do what you can do. We’ve provided easy step-by-step processes for anything that requires tech. Try not to get overwhelmed. Breathe. And just do what YOU can do.

We are exploring the idea of extra tech help on a paid, case-by-case basis. Let us know if you are interested.  Email [email protected]

Can I share the course with someone?

Nope! Each person needs to have purchased their own course. 

Sharing your login, downloads, videos, etc. would result in our canceling out your ability to use the course.

Why would I see an "oops" page?

The “oops” page will show up if you’re trying to access content that has not yet been released or you have not yet purchased.

How long do I have access to the materials?

You’ll have access to the materials as long as you’re a member in good standing.

I still have questions...

Contact Mary-Claire @ [email protected]

This offer has expired - New offer Fall 2023

Offer will open Oct. 8 - 12, 2023
  • Your transactions are 100% secured. We use the best possible encryption method available.

  • Here’s your journey from start to finish! ⤵

    Mary-Claire has thought of everything! I’ve successfully used her massage membershipprogram in my business with great success. The done for you emails are so helpful. I would recommend this program to anyone.-

    Rachel O’Connor, Massage Livingston

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